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Expert Adviser
Expert Adviser


Howard acts as an Expert Advisor where a dispute may be thought to exist but clarification is required or where a dispute is in its infancy and a client needs to understand the issues, scale, implications, cost and the hard commercial reality of the matter.

The role of an Expert Adviser is to be clear as to the allegations or issues and to try to establish the true case, for or against his/her client as appropriate. This can  involve the Expert Adviser guiding a client's professional team of advisers, including lawyers and other Expert Witness(es) on issues, their strengths and weaknesses, matters to query, research and develop and questions to ask, ultimately, of the other side's expert(s) in Court under cross-examination.


Expert Advisers assist their clients to put their cases forward in the best way possible without resorting to advocacy, they engage with the other sides' expert(s) and try to narrow issues though reasoned discussion.

Acting as an Expert Adviser often includes attending mediations (usually prior to Court hearings) in an attempt to try to reach quicker and less expensive settlements than by progressing to Court. 

Expert Advisers can be further instructed as Expert Witnesses if litigation cannot be avoided and matters progress to Court.

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